Who We Are

We exist to help people

Know God, Grow together, and Live generously.

Our Pastors

We are Max Southern & Keshia Southern, Lead Pastors of The Ville Church!

Our son Lincoln is 7 and our daughter Macelynn is 4.

We are are proud to not just pastor in Shelbyville, but have our lives rooted in here!

We believe the the best days of your life and our community are ahead of us and we hope to add value to both!

Our Story

I asked God why? Why start a church? His answer: because it’s my will and to stretch you. We know that God has called us to start a life-giving church in Shelbyville, Indiana in September of 2022! We want to be a safe place for anyone to access freedom through Jesus!

So why Shelbyville? Why now?

We wanted to start a church where there was a need.

We wanted to be in a city with potential and where we could add value to it.

That’s when Shelbyville caught our attention.

In all of Shelby County, there is not one Assemblies of God church (our fellowship). There is also 28K+ individuals who are not claimed for the gospel (saved) in the county.

That total represents 65% of the entire county!

Shelbyville has checked all the boxes for us, and we’re excited to plant deep roots here with our family and church!

Keshia grew up in Marshfield, Missouri, where she attended Marshfield Assembly of God.

Her family were heavily involved at church, which led to Keshia becoming the children’s pastor at 17.

She served in this position for 10 years, as a school counselor for 7 years and now a full time mental health counselor. Keshia obtained her Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling from Central Bible College and her Masters in Professional Counseling from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She also played volleyball for 3 years during college.

I grew up in Whiteland, Indiana, where I attended Grace Assembly of God.

A little girl witnessed to my sister on the bus and eventually led to my whole family getting saved. After graduation from Whiteland Community High School, I attended Central Bible College and received a Bachelors in Church Leadership and then later a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Evangel University. I also played 1 year of basketball during college.

After 9 years in full-time ministry (6 years as youth pastor and 3 years as executive pastor), the words God spoke to me on December 6, 2016 are now being lived out as we Pastor The Ville Church.

We'd love for you to join the team and see what God does as we grow together as The Ville Church!

Founder & Lead Pastor

Max Southern

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